20″ Pegasus Whitney II *Full Buffalo Leather*Self-Adjusting Flex Tree*

Out On Trail

Near-new Pegasus Whitney II jump saddle with a semi-deep seat, extra long flaps and full grippy buffalo leather. This saddle has been used less than a handful of times and is in demo condition! Features 2 sets of stirrup bars, adjustable knee/thigh blocks and a flex to fit tree, making it a semi-customizable option for you and your horse!

Form the Pegasus website: “This top of the line Pegasus® Unicorn Whitney Jumping Saddle is enhanced with Pegasus Unicorn Technology  – The length, width, and points of this tree flex and conform around the horse’s shoulders and back with girthing and the rider’s weight. The tree follows the horses shape at rest and during each movement, providing freedom for the shoulder and maximum comfort! Incredible close contact feeling! Pegasus Unicorn Technology, custom fit to your horse at a great price! This saddle fits is ideal for a customer that wants a deep seat and very straight leg for a short back horse”

Seat Size: 20″

Flap Length (measured from the bottom of the stirrup bar): 16″

Flap Width (widest point): 17″

Gullet measurement: 4″ (measures a traditional narrow, but flexes to fit any horse – “Inside Pegasus® Comfort Fit saddles concealed hinges flex to fit your horse perfectly at every step: This flex means your Pegasus® saddle feels like a lightweight comfortable sneaker…” – Pegasus’ website)

Comes with: Pegasus fleece cover



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