18.5″ Reactor Panel Foxhunter Jump (2010) *Adjustable Panels*

Hard to find ReactorPanel Foxhunter jump saddle with a 13″ tree, interchangeable paneling system, semi-deep seat and velcro knee blocks. This saddle comes with 3 custom saddle pads, a velcro gullet pad and a velcro panel.

About the Foxhunter model: “The ReactorPanel Foxhunter jumping saddle has a slightly deeper seat for increased security and a round cantle, coming with adjustable supportive knee and thigh backs, it is popular with customers who Hunt, Event, Show Jump or customers who just hack but like a secure, forward cut saddle. The saddle comes as standard with soft, flexible, hard wearing Memel leather giving a really close contact feel. The close contact ride experienced when riding on a ReactorPanel® saddle is enhanced by this combination of leather, allowing a really close feel with you leg able to really get around the horse”

About the ReactorPanel system: “The panels are made of a sandwich composition of leather, hi-tech foam and plastics, which creates their weight distribution ability. This composition with an added design feature allows the panels to actively move three dimensionally with the horse… The plastic on the panel, Delrin® is a shatter-resistant flexible plastic which allows the panels to flex on the horses back but still lie flat against it, giving good contact. We only use one layer of Delrin® combined with a sandwich of slow closed-cell foams which allows more movement. With the added benefit of Sorbothaine shock-absorbing discs, there is unparalleled fit and comfort for the horse… The ReactorPanel® panels sit on either side of the spine with twice the length and width, providing much less pressure under the load bearing surface of the saddle. The panels are fully adjustable and can be moved forwards, backwards, closer together or farther apart in the front if needed”

Saddle Stats:

Year: 2010

Seat Size: 18.5″

Flap Length (measured from the bottom of the stirrup bar): 13″

Flap Width (widest point): 14.5″

Gullet measurement: width dependent on panel placement

Comes with: Reactor Panel cover, 3 custom saddle pads, 1 foam panel liner and 1 replacement gullet plate



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