Sell your saddle directly to us for an immediate payout

The Fineline Tack buy-out rate is currently 50% (minimum buy-out fee of $850).

Simply complete the form below and we will let you know your saddle’s buy-out value.

*We also now accept buy-outs of high-end saddle brands through our sister store, Highline Tack – click here for more info:

Please note: Consignment saddles are not eligible to switch to the buy out option.

How it works:

We provide shipping for all incoming saddles (see below). The incoming shipping fee is $50 (this includes full insurance) and will be deducted from your payout, so no need to pay for shipping up front!

  1. We will email you a shipping label. Please print 2 copies of the shipping label.
  2. Wrap your saddle in bubble wrap (please no styrofoam/packing peanuts) and place your saddle in a box that is approximately 14”x14”x24” up to 18”x18”x24” (all UPS stores have boxes that are perfect for shipping saddles)
  3. Place one shipping label inside the box and tape the other shipping label provided on the top of the box
  4. Drop the saddle off at any UPS store or any UPS access point (CVS, Staples and others – find a location near you here:
  5. Your saddle will be shipped UPS Ground with full insurance.
  6. Once we receive your saddle, then we will contact you and pay you out within 24 hours. We offer payout through Paypal (no fees will be taken out) or by check. In some cases, we can send the payment via Venmo as well.

Buy-Out Request

  • Please note, this is to create your shipping label for shipping your saddle to us. There is no obligation to proceed with a buy-out by filling out this form.
  • Upload photos of your saddle here. Please include one photo of the stamp (usually located under the flap or on the underside of the saddle)
    Drop files here or

*Please note that there is a $40 charge for saddles that arrive without a cover. Saddle brand covers are accepted as well as plain (no logo) fleece-lined covers.